slide show sunday. take 7.

 Hot summer days call for splash pad playtime with pals.

 Azriel is all aglow (albeit unsure of this splash-full dimension).

 Tinderpuff was also flaked out in the heat (sometimes I wonder if the 'humane' thing would be to shave those fur coats!  A win-win situation really, since it's less cat hair then stuck to our sweaty skin).

 Another way to use a sprinkler...

 Saturday, we went to hang out at my folk's junk yard sale.. while Azi napped, I ran up to my childhood 'hair salon' and got them to put a chunk of blonde back in my hair.  See... it's all tucked into my braid.... with lace ribbon.  Trust me, it's there. 

Up to Ben's folks for the usual 'family saturday dinner'.  Another dip for Azi, hike for me in the woods, and squinty Ben here watched over a fire/coals he was making potato's in.  Nine of us dined well that night (as per usual). ;o)

Husband-picked wild flowers.  Awwww, he's started a new weekly 'tradition' of bringing me flowers fresh from our garden and where he works.... swoon.

Hope you managed to keep cool wherever you were this weekend friends.
Stay tuned this week - it may just be the best posts yet to come!
Mel :o)

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