slide show sunday. take 9.

I just have to use this slide show to focus on another 'first' for Azriel - painting!  I've been eager to get her hands in paint for a while since she loves colouring with her crayons (or 'crans' as we call them).  Having just received a pile of sample pots from our friends at Benjamin Moore.. she got to have her choice of the rainbow!  Azi, like me, has a hard time picking a favourite colour. 

With the garden and sky for inspiration.. she eagerly dove into the paints... wearing Dad's ol' t-shirt as a quick smock!  And yes, our lawn would love some rain this year.

I'm going to say this is Azriels' painting face... whereas mine is with my tongue sticking out.

 Her 'pink period' was quickly brushed away into a 'blue period'... and she wasn't afraid to slop that stuff all over.  I know.. if I was a 'good mama' she'd be using all natural. soy based. hemp paint. ground from corn. ...or something.  No worries, we washed all this 'toxic' stuff off real quick - in the kiddie pool - which she then sat in for a while!

Then she had her 'green period' sitting pretty in the garden.  Our very own 'cabbage patch' doll.

I won't bore you with the rest of this weekend's events.. as it was mostly us hiding away from the heat.  This was my "getting an iced coffee and going to Chapters" outfit.  Saturday family dinner for 9 of us.  Sunday church, and jewellery making, and stuff.... you know the deal by now. ;o)

Looking forward to a 'cooler' week hopefully,
with fun blog posts yet to come!
Hope you had a great weekend friends.
Mel :o)

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