my garden gnome

Here's my favourite garden gnome.  That button nose.  Those pudgy fingers.  Those beautiful eyes.  She's knows how to work a watering can too folks.

 Azriel loves to help her Daddy water the gardens... while mama loves to snap pictures of them doing said work - even through a kaleidoscope of hose droplets.

 Once the watering is done, it's always important to take time for the 'little people'. 

 Here's her pep talk - encouraging the gnomies to keep up their good work (protecting the gardens from vermin and drunkards... you know the deal).

 Conclude with a gentle hug (see how lovingly the gnome on the right gazes up at her).

Seal it with a kiss.  Yes, to 'gnome her is to love her'.  

And what's my gal wearing for today's post you ask?
Hat - thrifted.
Sailor shirt - thrifted (Gap?)
Jeans - Zellers
Crocs - $2.
Check out some other sweet lil' gnomies again at Mama Loves Papa today.

So, how does your garden grow?
Mel ;o)


  1. what a cutie and what a good little helper!

  2. Kendra A Morris7 July 2011 at 09:18

    She is so cute! I love the gnomes! Great pictures too!

  3. This is wonderful for many reasons including gardening babies, gnomes, and wonderful puns. Thanks for the smile! 

  4. Oh mah gash do i LOVE these photo's. You have totally inspired me to hunt down some garden gnomes for our garden. (although, after seeing Amelie five thousand times I can't believe I haven't done that already)

    So happy to meet you through Small Style!

    --Sara Sophia

  5. Needleandnestdesign7 July 2011 at 15:06

     hullo! Thanks for stopping in Sara - I LOVE Amelie... and yes, it got me pretty hooked on gnomes too.. not to mention animal portraits ;o)  Nice to meet you!


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