how to beat the heat...

 Summer is hot season (why are we so shocked?)... this week feels more like crazy hot season.  I guess they're saying today may just be the hottest day in Ontario... like, ever.  I had to walk in it and my skin didn't melt off.. thankfully, but my nose was sure sweating like a healthy puppy.  Yes, Azriel has inherited my 'nose sweating' custom feature too.. isn't she lucky.

 Anywho, the key to dealing with the heat is as follows:  bounce like a gypsy from one air conditioned store to another.  Here, Azriel has camped out on the floor of Titles Bookstore to read "Guess How Much I Love You".  Be scantilly clad sure to dress lightly!  I love this white outfit for Azriel.  I wish I could pull it off... but I hate showing a lot of skin... I like 'layers' which doesn't work so well in summer!

Speaking of showing skin...  this "Teddys" shirt is a sweet button up number at the back, easy enough to mimic a pattern for in the future I think.   Here we are at the library now, we pretend to be reading... but really we're just loving the cool air.

Azriel's outfit today
tank top: Teddys
shirt: thrifted "Ralph Lauren"
sandals: thrifted.

Check out how other babies are keeping it 'cool' at Mama Loves Papa today.
May you find yourself in a shady breeze-filled space with iced coffee in hand... and laughing children splashing nearby!
Sweaty nosed, frizzy haired,
Mel :o)


  1. Absolutely beautiful photos! I love those breezy tops on little gals for summer.

    Thanks for stopping by our blog...so glad to discover yours as well!

    Miskabelly Vintage

  2. A fellow Canadian, yay! 
    Hot enough for you today? Sheesh. Ri.dic.u.lous
    Stopping by from mamalovespapa - your sweeties looks adorable.

  3. we are in Miami so i hear you about the heat. we get it 8-9 months during the year. love the way that top closes in the back. keep cool!

  4. It is midwinter here so I can't sympathise on the heat right now, but I will be remembering that sweet style of top for when our summer rolls around. I think it would be super easy to copy and just perfect for our hot Australian summers.
    Your wee girl looks like a doll!

  5. that is s super, duper sweet top.  with your sewing skills, you could totally mimic that!  it's so pretty and cool!  really hot here too.  100+ today!  stay cool-- and in the air conditioning!

    oh-- can you please email me, too,  krista7smith@yahoo.com.  You won one of my totes.:)

    thanks!  have a great weekend!:) xo

  6. Oh gosh, I've made up a few pinafores for Gretchen to wear, and in this heat we wear them with nothing else underneath. So much sweat! I'm grateful for my AC... but today I'm at Glow & the AC isn't kicking in as quickly as I'd like it to. I'm dripping!


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