berry. good. news

Hello friends!  I am so excited to say I am finally BACK..  we got our power cord in the mail (thanks post office for ending your strike) and now we're all 'juiced' up to bring you more blogs more consistently again... woo hoo.  I fear I may just overwhelm you dear readers with all the rantings.creations.announcements I've been storing up lately... hold on to your seats. ;o)

Here's some recent summer sticky sweetness.  Azriel discovering the joy of eating raspberries by popping them off her pudger fingers - like mama does.   Now we have a whole heap of fresh picked strawberries to work through too.  Our dear Ben went out yesterday and picked a pile, as Azi and I sought to recover from a sleepless night.teething.sickly.tired episode.  My husband is a champion around here while I drag around like a zombie!

Ok, its way too humid to keep this laptop on any longer... stay tuned friends, more to come.  Thanks again for your patience in this past week+ of being unplugged.

Hope your enjoying some berry sweetness of summer,
Mel :o)

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