'snugg-oh' time.

 Nothing makes this mama's heart turn to squishy mush quite like this moment... 'snuggle time'.  Here's the back story:  our daughter was never a 'snuggler'... try to hold her and she would arch her back and push away like you were leprous.  I'd watch other kids cuddling into their parents... and long for that moment.  Only one time would bring out Azriel's snugly side... when she was sickly.  So the hugs we got.. were the snotty kind! 
Fast forward to two weeks ago.  Azi was teething.sick.snotty.sleepless.  So much duress caused me to pull her into bed with me (Ben retreats to another bed at this point!)... and she would sleep - snuggled close into my side.  For two nights this was a sweet delight.  The third night... we saw a habit forming and opted to get her back to her crib: she screamed for an hour - and every time we checked in on her... through tear streamed cheeks she'd whimper "snugg-oh?".
She survived.  We re-claimed our own bed.  And the aftermath is beautiful. Azriel now loves to snuggle!!  Every night before bed (or any nap in the day).. we go to her room and she points to the bed and says "snugg-oh?"... and we do.  And then she gets to fold over into her crib in contented bliss.

Daddy Ben gets his own nightly ritual with Azriel too.  Every single night for as long as we can remember I go "say nite-nite to Daddy"... and then it starts:  Azriel mischievously grins, and runs the opposite direction!  Ben goes to pick her up for a hug... and she crumples into a giggly jelly fish... it's quite the routine.  Poor Ben hasn't inherited this 'snuggly' version yet. ;o)

Lastly, in other 'nite nite' news.  Azriel jumped out of her crib again!  I need your input... how/when did you graduate your kids to a 'big girl/boy' bed?  Any suggestions?  I'm thinking we need to get her started in this process (she's 21 months now)... thanks!

Nite nite!
Mel :o)


  1. Our daughter is the same way - only snuggly when she's sick.

    We moved her to a toddler bed when she was about 2 years, 3 months old.  She was climbing out of her crib, so I thought it would be best for her own safety!

  2. Awe, that's one thing that will kill me whenever G decides she's done with nursing... I can't imagine missing out on all those snuggy moments! 
    As for the bed situation.... G never slept in a crib, so I can't help ya! Sorry!

  3. I can't give you advice as to when to move to a bigger bed as I am further behind in parenting that you (our baby girl is 8months old) but I just have to say I love this post on snuggling. Our little girl snuggles but lately she does lots of bouncing at the end of the day before I put her to bed. Its quite hilarous. And the way she is with her daddy is similar too (only she can't run away as she's only learning to crawl now) but she defiently gets the giggles. And as soon as Leonard walks into the room (anytime of daddy) she immediate smiles and gets hyper, jumping up and down (or tying to).. so cute the way daughter love their daddys! 
    Thanx for sharing. And I appreciate how you share your life and also you sewing and crafts. I get need ideas from this So thanx. --Rachel VandenBerg (Brooks)


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