sunday slide show. (come early).

 Happy Canada Day weekend all ye who abide in this fair land.  Here's a quick synopsis of our weekend (since I can't post slide show sunday tomorrow).  A trip to our 'local beach' where Ben taught Azi how to hunt chase seagulls.

 Azriel shows her true love is really just to get down in the dirt... despite a fun playground before her.

 Today we're up at our in-laws again for Family Dinner Saturday... came early to enjoy the sun and a swim for Azi. 

 Azi is now addicted to raw rhubarb from Nana's garden.. pops them in no sweat.

 Ben, Hazel the wonder dog and I got to hike it through our favourite woods while Azi napped.  So fun exploring new paths each time we're here.

 Jumping rocks and hiking... when not to wear thongs (flip flops that is!).

Ever graceful... this was me shrieking that there were crayfish everywhere and I was scared they'd snap off my toes... well, slightly paranoid maybe.  I summoned my hovering/walk.on.water skills here... well, stood on a rock.

Hope you have a beautiful weekend friends, and word on the wire is that our power cord is coming soon!  I may just get back on my own laptop yet this week.

Mel :o)


  1. I've never thought of eating rhubarb raw before. I wonder how that'd be. It's so sour even after I add a bunch of sugar when I make it into jam. Have a wonderful Canada Day Weekend! 

  2. Your blog is beautiful. In every sense of the word.


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