confessions [of a Mel] part.4.

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Remember the Sunscreen Song from when we were still geeky teenagers?  I have always remembered that line "don't read beauty magazines... they will only make you feel ugly".
Today I came up with another piece of wisdom 'don't go clothes shopping... it will only make you feel poor' (and possibly, pudgy if you share my end of the metabolism pool).

A word about 'poorness'.  We're a young family.  We have a house/duplex split with siblings.  Ben has a 24hr work contract (currently).  By God's grace, we manage to literally squeak through each month financially.  By the West's standpoint, we're on the part of the totem pole that's eye-level with the dandelions.  Don't get me wrong..  I know we are rich in comparison to a world suffering at large for clean water, housing, education, health care etc.  And I know joy is not found in temporal possessions.
But I'm still a girl - I see pretty.funky.fabulous threads... and I want them!  

A word about being a girl (should I say lady, woman..? Still sounds weird at 31).  I've never been the 'girly-girl' kind.  I grew up a serious tom-boy.  The half-shaved, half-long haircuts.  The ball cap I lived in.  The sports.  The tree climbing.  The being 'asked out' by 10 year old girls??!  (Granted I was a cute 'boy'... but I just laughed at their confusion).

I still like to be in trees.
With this type of 'backgound history' you can understand why I'm not a fashion monger.  I don't need a room full of heels or glitzy dresses.  But, like most gals, I am still a sucker for a great outfit at a great price.  Today was no exception.  We had a girls shop.beat the heat.afternoon outing to our local Zellers and Superstore.  I know, Zellers (?!)... but they are getting some pretty fun stuff there - thanks to designers like Alfred Sung stepping up. 
So these are the days I fight that vain.girly.impulse to justify a bunch of wardrobe overhauls.  I did buy a gorgeous dress.shirt thing - navy with white lace for the back - it actually looks pretty fantastic on me (and that's saying something! hehe).  A couple other purchases were 'justified' along the way too.  Though I tend to slink home with my tail between my legs, hoping Ben won't mind a wee splurge (read - $40 here).  His response:  "babe, you never by yourself anything, you totally deserve that, and it looks great on you".

Did I ever mention how wonderful that guy is?
OOooh, and if you'll allow me one more 'girly' moment... I'll post an 'outfit' picture someday soon (when an occasion warrants said dress - date night maybe?).

Are you a shop-aholic or cheap like me?
What's your weakness - shoes, hats, purses?
Mine is anything army green - I just get drawn towards that colour constantly (I even wanted to join a boot camp in the past just for the 'fashion'!).
Well, that's enough on that topic for this blog.

More craftings.home tours.baby wears to come this week friends!
Mel :o)

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  1. Nicky Rothmann11 July 2011 at 20:04

    Hi Melissa,

    I am on a budget too! A tight one at that. I love shopping even if it is something for my husband and boys.
    My weakness is everything. I have not actually tried out sewing my own clothes, but recently I find something that I like and I say to myself, 'I am going to make that...one day.'
    You have great talent and according to this awesome book I read, from time to time, God honors "this" (being you) kind of girl. I am almost 30, we are still girls!
    Nicky Rothmann


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