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We've made it to the kitchen part of our home tour now.  I wanted to show you the before.before.after shots of this wee corner's transformations.  (1) We moved in last year and this kitchen had nasty brick for a back splash... brick(?!) which we pried off with that crowbar.  (2) My first go at the kitchen was to technique the walls in a two tone green.  I also hand painted some random ferns.flowers.an such onto the main wall.  We never quite liked this look.  Enter (3) our final makeover.  With a $100 budget we primed.painted the cupboards "Cloud White" CC-40.  Replaced the old hardware with silver handles.  Painted the walls Benjamin Moore's "Butter Cream" CC-260, with a punch of red for the back splash area.  I'm all for painting wood to brighten a space up! 

This is my view from the kitchen sink... I have two photos to cheer my day here.  The first is a reminder: "Thank you God for dirty dishes, the sign of good food and good friends."  The second picture is Azriel all cute and pudgy a year ago in the sink.  This 'beer logo' was a painting I did for Ben when he said if he was to name an Ale it would be called "Pilgrim's Respite".

Beside our fridge is the catch-all space for everything else.  Cookbooks up top. Vintage box stores teas, next to sugar.cocoa.coffee jars.  All our fun red appliances help echo the red back splash across the room.  Here's a close up above our stove where Ben stores some grains.seeds for bread making.

The final corner here is where you enter the living room.  We found this vintage box (originally brass/copper?) and used it for our root vegetables.  That column has followed me around for years... makes for a handy side table.

Here's the door that leads to the final room of our tour!  If you've managed to follow along thus far... I've saved my 'happy space' for last... our 'breeseway' or entrance.boot room.laundry.space!  Same time, same place, next week friends.
If you missed any of the tour... you can link to them here:

Have a beautiful day!
Mel ;o)


  1. If I haven't mentioned lately how much I ADORE your interior design skills -- take note! You rock!! I wish I had a little more freedom with my place.. I'd invite you over to inspire me!!

  2. Needleandnestdesign23 July 2011 at 12:34

     g'shucks Des, that's tres sweet of you to say. Thanks! I would gladly talk 'house' over tea whenever you move into the luxury 'yurt' or mansion. ;o)


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