slide show sunday. take 8.

 Happy hot slide show sunday friends.  Here's some shots from the weekend.  Backyard BBQ.

Azriel loved chatting with the garden.. and climbing all over it.

Saturday Farmer's Market... although skeptical that corn was already out - we had to grab it - and glad we did!  It was a great batch for our family dinner night.

A little Dottie Angel inspired photo-shoot for a friend.

Which ended up in a backyard brunch and pool time for the kids (yes, Azi can toot out sparkles!).

Mama and Azi relaxing in the shade up at the in-laws for dinner.

Can you see me?  I know.. it's hard... I'm in camouflage mode/modeling for the Green Party.

Love the sweetness of all these generations together.  Azriel and Great Granny.  Did you know Azi has 6 Great Grandparents still around?!  Quite the blessing!

That's all for our nest here this weekend.  Hope you kept cool where you were.
It looks like a hot week is upon us...
I think I'll lose track of how many hissy fits I have.
Mel :o)

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