colour me: sunny with a chance of clouds.

 This palette post is brought to you by sunshine, lemon cranberry muffins and cat naps...
Is it safe to say we're all a little smitten with buttery yellows. charcoal. and smokey greys lately?  I like a punch of colour like cranberry red in the mix, too.

Azriel opted to ignore the lemon.cranberry muffin the size of her head... and go 'tickle' the grey cats with a feather.  "Wake up Mewsli... a feather!"

How about a kiss?

Hope you have a sunshiny day friends!
muffin-making mama,
Mel ;o)

1 comment:

  1. mmm...muffin looks delish!

    love your colors, there.  i love punches or red/cranberry, too...although have very little of it in my own home.  

    have a super/relaxing/lovely day friend!!  xx


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