dance like no one's watching... but the cats.

Yes friends... we have a magical tutu in our home now.  
It gives our daughter Azriel the grace of a ballerina, the moves of John Travolta in 'fever'...

Every day when we go to have our 'dance party' time... Azriel has to pull out her tutu from the toy trunk (and usually take off her socks for some reason) and then she busts a move.  I really think we'll have to get her in some dance classes because she's a riot!  I find this age to be so fun to watch... she surprises me every day with new phrases.actions.attitudes (good and ugly!).  It's just amazing to watch these big.little personalities growing up before our eyes eh?

It's also a crazy experience to look at my daughter and feel like I'm seeing a mini-me (especially when she's trying out my glasses).  Is it wrong to secretly hope you're kid will need glasses... because they look so cute in them?!

Speaking of cute... how could I not throw another wee video in here:

You'll also find more cuties over at Mama Loves Papa today.. celebrating one year of Small Style posts!

Which reminds me... Azriel's outfit is all hand-me-down goodness from friends... and the magical tutu (Dollarama!).  :o)

Stay tuned for another dose of cuteness later today (featuring baby Hudson & Azi)... because I'm the mama, 
I can keep posting and posting these wee wonders!

Dancing in the daze,
Mel ;o)


  1. Claudia Guerreiro1 March 2012 at 07:57

    i think she and Lily would be great friends. Lily wants a pink tutu and wings so bad!!! i'm holding them as bribe over her head for potty training

  2. Yellowfinchdesigns1 March 2012 at 08:43

    oh my goodness. she is precious! i just love watching them at this age. their imagination. creativeness. growing into their personalities. you are THE mama ;)

  3. Stephanie Precourt1 March 2012 at 09:19

    Oh, Ivy would LOVE that magical tutu. Personally I think the over the jeans look is rockin!


  4. visiting from the small style link up.  sweet girl.  love her dancing in her tutu! cute cute.

  5.  Hello!  Thanks for visiting our nest... and thank you - we're pretty smitten with her! ;o)

  6.  Hehe, and Ivy would rock that look too I am sure ;o)  Have a great weekend Steph!

  7.  aww, thanks Liz - you 'da mama too... mama ;o)  Have a great weekend (packing boxes and all?!) take care xo


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