April showers ~ bring many hours...

...tucked into our dry lil' nest.
Yes, this week if it wasn't raining, hailing or snowing... it was mainly overcast. 
How do you deal with cabin-fever?
Azriel and I usually read. bake. dance. watch kid's shows. colour. clean.... throw a tantrum

Here's the latest 'play project' we discovered.  Since Azi always loves digging in the sand... I figured for 'the price of rice' I could create an indoor version.
She enjoyed burying her toy animals in the large bowl of jasmine rice!

Having a larger dish under the bowl helps catch some of the flying grains... though you're bound to have a constellation on the floor too.
Small 'scooping' cups and spoons add to the fun as well.

Any creative projects you've enjoyed lately?

We're looking forward to this weekend's forecast of sun.sun.sun!
 Have a great one, friends.

Mel ;o)


  1. The rice bowl is a great idea... why have I never done that?  We have done noodles in a bowl, and water in the sink to see what sinks or swims.  Our go to boredom buster is marshmallow art... here: 
    http://awonderfullifeinfullframe.blogspot.ca/2012/04/marshmallow-art.html  So craving the sunshine... seeing cloud out there today but blue skies too!  Happy weekend.

  2.  thanks Danielle ;o)  "Will it float?" sounds like a fun idea... better than "will it flush"?!  I remember your marshmallow post, and I know a little girl here would love that game too much... in her belly! ;o)
    Have fun in the sun this weekend!


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