...that secret seducer:

Did you feel it today?
The wind was a raging adventurer.
It carried the clash of swashbuckler's swords on a far off pirate ship.
It was thick with the perfume of newborn flowers.

I opened the windows and let it tear through the house.
It was electric, sending goosebumps across my soul.

I stepped outside.
It tussled my hair and absorbed me into it's strong embrace,
like a long forgotten lover.

 "This is a dangerous wind"
It makes my blood boil.
It breeds a wanderlust in my heart.
I want to pack my bags and find a gypsy caravan.

Nothing else in nature disrupts me so.
These wild winds.
This tempest of temptation.

Did you feel it today? 

Hiding inside for fear it will carry me away from this nest,
wind-torn mama,
Mel ;o)


  1. I opened my windows wide to let that wild wind inside yesterday too.

  2. Oh yes, felt that strong wind today (made the poor choice of wearing a shortish dress... what was I thinking???).  Started off as wonderful playful wind, ended in a big barn fire not far from us :-( ... the air smelled like a giant campfire.

  3.  hehe... bet you looked like Marilyn over that subway vent a-blowing then?! ;o)  Scary to hear about the fire in your neighbourhood... that's never a fun campfire smell..  everyone ok?

  4.  isn't it so fresh!  I love to let it tear through the house.. tho with this weather it probably brought a lot of dust with it. hoy.  :o)


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