so predictable...

Yes, I'll admit it.
I'm a sucker.  
Heck, I'm downright predictable when it comes to certain delights. 

Like this darling teacup... with a bird on it?!
Sure it holds like an ounce of tea (and I tend to enjoy a good litre at time) but it has a bird on it, friends.. a bird!  
Yes, predictable me.

If you know me at all by now, you probably know a few other weaknesses of mine too.

Anything to do with owls, mushrooms, tree or feather motifs... I'm in!
Incorporate some wood grain, turquoise, lace or doilies... I'm delighted!
Follow up with a chunk of chocolate... I'm drooling

This is what kills me when I go in a place like Chapters Indigo and they're selling every element that makes me go weak in the knees.
For someone who 'prides' them self on being a sort of unique individual it's scary to see how pigeon-holed I am by corporations... ha!  Shoot.

This is a major reason I don't like to go shopping.
I know I'll see something that just craves adoption... and despite the moths taking up residence in my wallet... I'll justify to the death my need for said object.

The only things that keeps my splurge-impulse in check:
+ my ben  

...I won't ever purchase anything that seems wasteful/extravagant (this 'tweet' mug was on sale for $1.49.. easy to justify buying that one)!

...I also won't buy stuff that I know will make Ben cringe and say "where are we going to cram that into our house?".  You may recall his hilarious rant about these issues.
Oh, the joys of a hoarder creative collector marrying a minimalist!

All that to say, I know stuff is just stuff...
...and 'he who has the most toys wins  still dies without them'.

My joy isn't rooted in possessions.

But these small and simple pleasures are a delight nonetheless!
How about you?  What gets you weak in the knees?

Mel ;o)


  1. As someone with some hoarding tendencies, I may not be the best judge, but I say, well done on the cup purchase! It's so cute!

  2. Darling little cup!  I am terrible at adopting too many things so thankfully I am thrifty (also equally as good as donating back what isn't loved anymore).  That is the key.  Like you, if I go shopping something is coming home... owls, mushrooms, pyrex, vinyl & dresses are but a handful of my weak in the knees items.  So what are we going to do now that garage sale season is coming up? 

  3. Hehe, I think you've got it Danielle... donate/sell an item for every new piece that comes in the house!
    Or in our case.... buy/thrift a new mug for every one we smash on our kitchen floor!  Garage sale season... it tempting usually.. but I tend to prefer staying in bed! lol ;o)

  4. Mel,

    Just read your comment from yesterday at Wild Olive.  Mollie is the best, isn't she?  Anyhow you said you were trying to figure out about the elastic for a head band.  Is it the length of the elastic that is giving you trouble or just the attaching it to the doily?  Maybe I can help.
    What a cute site you have here!  Love the cup and as one "stuff" person to another I know that I shouldn't even go into a thrift store (are they called Charity Shops in Canada?) because there will be something calling my name.  My latest passion is milkglass.  The grape pattern is my favorite but I am currently looking for pieces with the lace edging.  Found one yesterday as a matter of fact!  And did you know that you are a rare person?  Not many realize that it is just stuff and it will be here after they are gone.  Anyhow, email me at coryfamily@zoominternet.net  and maybe we can work out the headband thing together if you haven't already.

  5.  Hi Maureen! Thanks for stopping by the nest - and I appreciate your kind sewing advice offer... it wasn't a huge issue - just me trying to envision how to string elastic around a large doily to 'cinch' it into a floppy 'hat' (glorified hair net really!)... then I thought lets just make it a hair band.. then Mollie went and showed a much better/simpler version, so I'm happy!
    Thanks for the comment: yes, even doilies are 'stuff' as delightful as they are.. I try to keep an 'eternal perspective' in it all!
    Nice to meet you !


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