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Each pottered neck.clays is handmade and completely one of a kind.
If you want to own one of these little beauties for yourself feel free to contact me!

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 Currently Available
 Currently Available
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 Currently Available
(Smaller Neck) Currently Available


Each neck.clays comes with either a chocolate brown suede cord - or circular wire - as seen above.
*Prices listed in Cndn funds, PayPal ("donate" button) is available at the side bar ------->> 
 Special Promotion: FREE shipping worldwide (2-3 week delivery).

*Note: the back of each piece is unglazed pottery (similar texture to a smooth pumice stone) for anyone who gets squeamish with that type of texture!

Thanks for shopping the Nest here, 
if you have any further questions please feel free to ask.

Hands in the clay,
Mel ;o)

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