D.I.Y: mason jar pin cushions

Ready for a project that will keep you on pins and needles?
Well, it's Monday.. so let's get our craft on!
I totally stole the inspiration for this simple idea from Pinterest... since it fits my style for super.fast.stupid.easy do.it.yourself projects. 

Supplies needed:
Mason jar with detached lids
Stuffing fluff or Steel Wool (which I hear makes your pins stay sharp!)
Cut circle of fabric
Glue Gun/Sticks 

 Hot glue the circle of fabric under the bottom of the mason jar lid.. gathering it as you go around.  Leave a gap to stuff your fluff - or steel wool - into the topside of the lid.  Then finish gluing the fabric down around the rest of the lid.  Done!

 Voila!  Fun pin cushion/sewing storage jar to go!
(I also use baby food jars to store baby thread spools).

 I know Hector the Hedgehog is delighted to be relieved of his duties now... 
(Funny side-note: my two-ddler thinks she's helping me sew by jamming him full of pins when I'm at my sewing machine!). 

Happy crafting friends,
Mel ;o)


  1. This is a great idea and they look cool too.  I'll be trying this out when I get my work spae up and running, Niki

  2.  Hi Niki!  Thanks for stopping by nest, best of luck with getting your creative studio made... sounds exciting - what do you make??  have a great day!

  3. Thanks! I'm hoping to start doing some craft projects and to start drawing again...it's been too long and work commitments have taken up most of time.

  4. Lovely DIY! I'll be giving this one a go soon for sure :) 

  5.  Hi! Glad you liked... it really takes all of 10 minutes (or less) to whip up.. so happy crafting Gillian! Thanks for stopping by. ;o)

  6. Thanks Mel! As promised, here's how mine turned out! : http://craftzillaconquerstheworld.blogspot.com/2012/04/scrap-busting-pin-cushion-jars.html


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