Shop the Nest: [fox brooches]

 Maybe it's my tawny mane,
(or the photo-shopped whiskers)... but I'm feeling pretty foxy lately!

Introducing the newest addition to my Needle & Nest Shop:
The foxy lady brooches
Each of these foxy lady is a hand-made combination of cottons.felt.and brown vinyl backing.  They also have a brooch clasp attached to the back.
$15 Cndn. (PayPal button in right side bar under "donate").
FREE shipping! 

 WARNING: They may bring out your rabid wild side!
If you're interested in these beauties give me a shout:
*They are handmade to order.. so delivery is 2-3weeks.*
Keep it foxy ladies,
Mel ;o)


  1. Ohhh they are adorable Mel! I can think of a few fox-loving ladies who would love these!

  2.  Thanks Carly!  Brooch trade on the weekend??? heheh... jokes!


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