colour me: in wood & clay...

 Yes, my crazy creamsicle hair is fading into a soft tangelo tone it seems.
(That's the pain of using reds - they never last, but they never quite disappear either).
So I like wearing navy to punch out what little colour is left here... but I do plan to dye it again!

Anywho, I just wanted to show this delightful brooch I bought recently!
I was hunting around Etsy for laser-cut wood brooches (since I've adored them for months) and found this sweet one: fairy girl sipping tea on a toadstool... yes, please!

Kit Chase has lots of sweet woodland illustrations on her site too.. I'm such a sucker for woodland creatures... I should just pack up our house and live in a tree, really.

Sometimes I treat myself to goodies from my own shop too (since I'm not a far walk, and I charge a pretty decent rate for myself)... so here's a neck.clay I kept for me.

There's still some available if you're interested - shop here.

Dressed in wood & clay,
having tea time with the fairies,
Mel ;o)


  1. just lovely. i love the colour your hair has faded too...that's the fun thing about coloured hair is it's always changing with each wash. unless you don't want it to be doing that, then it's not fun at all!

  2.  hehe.. its true Carly.. its always a-changing!  Thanks.. I guess I like it ok this way.. I just was hoping it would live up to its "permanent" label a bit longer.  I should have just been a grease monkey and never washed it! ;o)

  3. that is too cute!!


  4.  thanks sweets!! xoxo back atcha'


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