who loves hoo... we doo!

Oh yes, I've been busy sewing again!
My brain has been swimming with creative projects lately (as the newborn fog starts to lift).. and I've been eager to pound out some fun projects.  
What a hooooot! 

A friend had recently asked about commissioning me to make some wee owl plushies for her fabric-fascinated daughter. So I decided to sew up these 'prototypes' for my own gal to play with.  I had already sewn this large mama owl before hand... and the zip-open pouch is a great storage spot for these new hatchlings.
[A trip to the Dollar Store during Easter season allowed me to get those fun plastic eggs to tuck them into]! 

Each wee hoot is a combination of various fabrics to stimulate the tactile toddler's touch.
[We're talking: faux furs. felt. cotton. polyester. fleece. wool. etc.] 

The mama owl is reversible if she needs to be camouflaged (because every mama needs a moment to hide away).

A cute little project for us owl lovers.  
Azriel was keen to tuck them lovingly into the stable (I'm sure there were owls in the Nativity story!)  She's been having a lot of fun with them around the nest here....how tweet!

More fun projects to show you this week, stay tuned friends!

Crafty mama,
Mel ;o)


  1. So cute Mel! If you're interested in selling your stuff as far away as Kitchener you should look into RareFunk http://www.rarefunk.ca/index.html .... lots of stuff sewn/created by local artists/crafters - reminds me of your stuff!

  2. Oh my heavens Mel!  So adorable!  I may have to put in an order for Rowan and some point!  Maybe for his birthday.  Congrats on the new little one, I cannot believe you are getting all of that done having just had him! You are superwoman :)  So adorable.

  3.  hey thanks there Jaime!  I've had a chance to be more crafty since I was ordered to 'rest' up after surgery - cleaning the house et all. got to wait - but sewing was a happy distraction! ;o)  Me sew for you? That would seem too ironic since you're the better seamstress by far!  hehe.
    take care!

  4.  HI Lisa, thanks for that - I'll keep it in mind (are you living there now??) we may be visiting there this summer... hafta hook up! xo

  5. Those owls are soooo cute, and a pouch on the mama owl - now that is genius!  I love your new blog header too!

  6.  hey, thanks so much Annie - glad you like! ;o)

  7. Awww! Those owls are just adorable! You are very talented! 


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