s*mocking bird

Azriel came chattering downstairs last night and said:

 "I not sleeping...what watching?  I wanna see it?"

To which I replied jokingly:
"What are you... a twelve year old?"

"NO.  I thirteen" she retorts immediately.

Ben and I stared at each other in a shocked silence that then burst into laughter.
Oh, these two-ddlers say the funniest things!

She is quite the clown when she wants to be now.
This was her Easter dress for church last weekend... but while we got ready she found her old birthday outfit... and decided it needed to be worn too.

A smocked, woodland toadstool, bicycler - look out world!

Something in my heart hopes she sticks to this playful fashion style.

To not take herself too seriously.
To turn a blind eye to the billboards of cloned models.

To not be like a mockingbird who echos others songs... 
but to spread her own unique colourful wings and belt out the best tune she's got.

As the mama of this nest I hope to encourage her to fly.
Outfit Details:
 Smocked vintage dress:: thrifted gift from Astrid & family (thanks!)
Floral Pants:: thrifted
Rain boots:: Sears

Linking this silly fashion up with Small Style kidlets worldwide.

Have a fun day friends,
Mel ;o)


  1. Annie @ Love.Laugh.Live12 April 2012 at 14:47

    What a fun outfit!  My daughter loves to do the same thing, and I completely agree with hoping it continues.  (O:  I also linked up with Small Style today:  http://hildaanniew.blogspot.com/2012/04/embrace-and-small-style-birthday-girl.html.

  2. That dress is so pretty, and the outfit turned out cute!



  3. She is perfectly wonderful!  Start a journal of the funny things your children say... I so wished we had done that  because you do forget.  :-(  

  4.  We think she's a riot here!  A journal is a great idea - sort of what I use this blog for... hehe.  I kept one when she was young... and then.. you know, got busy! ;o)  Have a lovely weekend!

  5.  THanks, your pixie fairy is pretty cute too!


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