personal style [outside the box]...

Me and my girl.
We can have quite a hoot together... especially when I'm getting her to help bring in the recycling box - and she chooses to jump in and hide from "noisy trucks". 

I hope I can inspire her to not take herself too seriously...
...to jump out of the box in a cookie-cutter culture.

I know that's what my mama did with me.
She was remarkably patient with my wild personal style... growing up as a tom-boy I wanted to shave half my head.
She let me.

I wanted to wear a tuxedo to grade 8 grad.
She shopped with me for the blazer.

I always wore my baseball cap - even after a haircut.
She didn't protest and force me into ribbons. 

Even now I tend to feel most comfortable (and crazy) in unique threads.
Though, if I was a good wife, I would burn this vest.. it's the one thing Ben really hates to see me in!  
I just had to wear it with my new 'Aladdin' pants I got.... love them!

(Side-note: remember that brooch I'm wearing?.. it was one of my first d.i.y's I posted over a year ago).
All that to say, I hope you, and I.. and our children.. feel free enough to step outside the box.
To not strive to be fashionistas... just be fascinating.

The 'surface' looks so much better when the soul is shining through.
So you - be you.
And me - be me.
And together we may inspire others to be free.

(Bet you didn't know I was a poet!).

Mel ;o)


  1. mmm...loved your idea on fascinating rather than fashionista.  beautifully said.  and so much better indeed!


  2. ps.  i love the vest:).

  3.  Thanks you beauty you...  you are a model for these elements - love your soul (and your style)!! xoxo


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