she put the 's' in mothering...

The 'sweetness smother'.
This goes down every.single.day in our nest.

I think Hudson even tried to create a defense mechanism here:

Azriel doesn't seem to get the hint that he's allergic to her constant cuddles.

It's a wonder siblings survive each other!

Sneezy & Squeezy's mama,
Mel :o)


  1. oh my soo cute! LOL. :)

  2. My mum has a similar picture of me "hugging" my baby sister when we were very little. I am leaning so far to get her and she is leaning so far to get away from me that we are almost horizontal! Just so you know, nowadays my hugs are quite popular.....

  3.  hah! Glad to know your younger sis survived your super squeezes.  Save me one of those hugs for our future 'meet up'... when Ben and I win the lottery (that we never play) and fly across the world! ;o)

  4.  hehee, thanks Rachel... it's pretty hilarious.scary.sweet.frustrating how it happens every day (repeatedly) around here.

  5. Count on it Dimples!

  6. Mel, thanks for this sweet peek into your life! Wish I had videos of when mine were those ages..precious.


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