slide.show.sunday. take 36.

Hi there, friends.
Another weekend has come and gone...
so here's the snapshots:
 We told the kids we were going 'adventuring'...
 Azriel was happy since that included a maple lollipop and bubbles... Hudson just slept through it all while we breathed in the beautiful countryside.
 Beautiful is also seen in the spring buds peaking out of the trees on our front lawn.
 Finally getting around to the final coat of 'spring green' on our doors too!
 Then... you guessed it... family.dinner.saturdays up at the in-laws.
..and maybe it's just the wine talking, but I think these are the most gorgeous souls I have laid eyes on.
Our Azriel.
Our Hudson.


Hope your weekend was gorgeous too?!

See you on the flip side,
Mel ;o)


  1. I truly love that you have Saturday night dinners together as a family every week, that's so lovely and what a blessing to live close enough to do that :)

    And yes, they truly are beautiful...not just the wine talking as I'm 100% sober.

  2.  ....yes, we are blessed to have both sets of the kids 'grandparents' in town - Ben and I were both raised in p.dot!  We're savouring it here for sure!

    Heh, thanks for the sober sweetness! See you soon!! xo


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