slide show. sunday. take 35.

Hi friends, how was your weekend?
The weather was beauties here... so we wanted to be outside savouring each sun-soaked second! 
Here's the slide.show recap:
 Azriel enjoying the mini-merry-go-round at the zoo.
 Some favourite places and faces at the zoo... "Azi, don't lick the window!".
 Fabric shopping (a.k.a... justify purchases with newly invented projects to sew!) I'm in love with this kitty fabric... and the owls too of course!
 As usual, 'family.dinner.saturdays' up at the in-laws...
 ...also a great chance for Ben and I to sneak in a date/hike through our favourite woods nearby.
 I call this one: 'smoke on the water'.  
(Gosh, I love that guy - and his pipe.  Hazel the wonder dog is pretty cute too).
Oh yes, and how about a wacko family portrait?!
The Inglis 'invalids' theme since half of us have had surgeries lately... even the wee ones had towels wrapped around their arms/legs... but Ben in a flea cone is killing me... bahah!

We clean up pretty nice tho...  and us gals scored some pretty wonderful Inglis boys.

See you on the flip-side friends,
happy Sunday,
Mel ;o)



  1. Too funny! My husband has a pipe collection, he picked up a carved corn cob pipe a a flea market yesterday, he's such a dag! Though there is something sexy about a man and his pipe ( not the corn cob one!) The flea cone is a nice touch, personally I like to gag mine every now and then..... He he
    How are you feeling? I'm glad Hudson is sleeping better! Maybe you'll have time now for an.......Aussie...................penal!!!!!!

  2. Penpal!!! Laughing.

  3.  haha!  Our handsome piper men!  But what does 'dag' mean?  Aussie interpreter please... hehe.
    I'm feeling much better now thanks (tho I consequently pushed the limits and strained my stomach a bit lifting Azriel too much...oops).  But YES please, and Aussie pen pal would be a riot!  Typing away on a laptop makes my penmanship become wretched... so that will be a good start! Email me yah?
    (Pen pals are so much better then anything penal...). lol!

  4.  ...still laughing here too! ;o)

  5. Sooooooo, a 'dag' is actually a piece of poo attached to a sheep's bum! It's kind of like 'nerd' or 'idiot' or 'fool'. And i'll have you know that 'penal' is actually quite appropriate in a colonial way! Snap, see that's me being a 'dag'!

  6. oh, that's so baaaaaaaaa-d! :o)

  7. EEEPS! I almost got that fabric!!! I fell in love with the retro esq designs! 


  8.  ha! too funny...its just so fantastic - and rare that we get prints like that here...  xo


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