slide.show.sunday. take 37.

Hi friends!  How was your weekend?
Here's how ours went:
 Hudson hugs...
 Sibling puzzle playing...
 baking muffins... again and again... mmMMmmmmm...
 clothing swap with the blogger ladies... like sweet Des here holding our chunk o' hunk!
 ...trying on my 'swap' scores.
Family.dinner.saturdays... celebrating a special Grandpa/Great-Grandpa's birthday!

Fun fun!

Gotta run,
Mel ;o)


  1. Haha, oh gosh... LOVE that snap of the Huds et moi! ;) So nice to see you, mama(x2)!

  2.  ...hehe, you guys do look so CUTE together ;o)  Hope you got a chance to breathe after that weekend whirlwind... but wait, its MONDAY.. so an even crazier day.... congrats shop lady! xo


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