if my kids had super powers...

Name: Super Chunky Hudsy
 Power: He can convert a pint of milk into a pound of pudge instantaneously.
He can squash any villain flat by simply sitting on them.

Name: Sadistically Sweet Azriel
Power: She's a master illusionist... turning a gentle kiss into a terrifying bite, or a tender touch into a Vulcan death grip (not to mention the mind-meld seen above)! 

But wait, then there is the x-ray vision they both have too.
It's as though they see into my very soul... I gaze into their eyes and I'm undone.

Hudson's eyes are the perfect ultramarine blue... a deep ocean under an indigo sky with the waves rolling in.

Azriel's eyes are clouded cobalt... a morning fog dancing over heather covered hills.

More powerful than any magnet... they draw me in.
Hypnotic. Entrancing. I'm under their spell.
Then they smile.
Their final super power revealed... I melt into putty.

Now we all know who wears the cape(s) in this nest,
Mel ;o)

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