colour me: a wild thing...

Yes, friends... if I were an animal this would be my style of antlers!

(You may recall these were painted by me and hang in our Living Room.

Anywho, I just wanted to announce that I will be posting some of my pottered jewellery for SALE here tomorrow. 
 I want to start posting some of my various handiwork on here so folks have the option of purchasing what they desire (now that I have that handy PayPal option).

So, if you're into my wild creations... stay tuned!

Creatively, colourfully yours,
Mel ;o)


  1. Very cool antlers indeed! I am looking forward to seeing your jewelry : )

  2. ahhh!!! i love the painted antlers!!!!  we have so many antlers at my mom and dads (sounds kinda funny...i mean, they aren't just lying around like pocket change or anything:)...my dad and brother (and now hubs) are hunters and I sooooo need to steal a pair and paint them!:):).  You are so creative!  

    Hope you had a great Easter, too!!  Lots of love,

  3. blytheponytailparades10 April 2012 at 09:01

    Haha you would pull off the antlers nicely :P

  4.  Thanks Annie.. and I'm eager to show you the latest jewellery too! ;o)

  5.  Oooooooh I get super jealous of people with easy access to antlers!!  Tho I get all grossed out about the hunting/carcass part.... would prefer to 'retrieve' antlers that get shed in the woods!  But I hope you find a funky pair to paint up (and model!) hehe. xo!

  6.  well thank you Violet... I'll take that as a compliment... I think! lol  Have a great week!


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