how our garden grows...

 Thanks to my guy, we actually have beautiful blooms around our nest!
(Yes, I avoid gardening... too busy crafting! hah).

 I love the style of 'country English gardens'...messy, full, almost untended beauty.

Where I do get involved: collecting basil from the pots for pesto and other meal prep.

What else does this mama do in the garden you ask?...
... I like just hangin' with my gnomies!

These guys have helped guard our green goodness ever since we got 'pranked' with them as a house-warming gift.  You may remember our cute (younger) Azriel hanging with them in last year's post too! 

Are you a green.thumb?
How does your garden grow?

Mel ;o)


  1. Pretty flowers and cute gnomes! Have fun in the garden!

  2.  Aren't they beauties?!  They keep blooming even prettier now in all this heat we're having.. you should come sketch them really. ;o)  The gnomes would be eager models for you too.. tho the big guy is a bit sensitive about his blotch spots.. so maybe you could edit that out? lol 
    Nows the time to buy greenery too.. the Superstore was having mad clear-outs of stuff!
    Have fun in your gardens too! xo

  3. not a green thumb...unless i color on it accidentally with my green marker...but those little garden guardians are CUTE!!  hehe...love the gnomes!  HAs Azriel seen Gnomeo and Juliet??? They would probably seem even cuter afterwards!  :)

  4.  heheh, I knew we were RELATED! ;o)  We'd be green with our crafting markers ... while the flowers wilt around us. lol  YES, we saw that movie... hilarious! xo


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