I once was lost...

You know that feeling when you've left it sooo long to call that friend back?
You know you meant to pick up the phone. wanted to write. hoped to connect... but life kept ticking the moments away. 
Now it's just plain awkward.
How to start again?
Sometimes I get like that with God.
Half-hearted or distracted prayers.
Hurried glances through scriptures.
Singing praise songs with my daughter... but not from my heart.

I start to feel stretched thin. hollow. dry.
I'm more depressed.distressed.distracted.
Now it's just plain awkward.
How to start again?
I sing.
I sang a simple song of love, to my Saviour.
It wasn't easy at first.
My heart resisted.
Like hard dry ground that repels the rain.

But, I kept on singing a prayer.
And grace rained down.
My heart softened.
The spirit heaved up within me.
As though coming up for air. after drowning for so long.
Submerged in daily distractions.
Rejected for other attractions.

Prayer is more intimate than lovers.
It strips back the covers.
Shows the truth of my heart.
This is where I start.
I am born. again.

amazed by grace,

Mel ;o)


  1. Wow you hit the spot this morning and put into words the way I have been feeling. Thank you!

  2.  Well thank YOU for hearing me share what's on my heart, I'm glad it spoke to you too... hope you relate in the 'good ending' vs. the 'dry.hardness stage'... but either way, I'm thankful that God's grace is extended to the prodigal heart in all of us.  Be well, and thanks for sharing!

  3. wow, so beautiful...and very well put

  4. Thank you for this Mel- so hard to find time to spend with God when you've got little ones tearing around. But so awesome when you do! I often sing Amazing Grace to Theo at bedtime and he's starting to sing along. Is there anything so great to hear as your child lifting up their voice to their Creator!

  5.  Lovely Cristi ~ my Dad sang it to me often as a child too... it's a great song of worship. Miss you and your wild clan! xo

  6.  thanks so much, appreciate the visit from you! ;o)

  7. thanks for that post.  feeling kinda like that myself this week...reminded He is only a prayer away.
    You are a beautiful, friend.


  8.  awww, sweet sis in Him, we are a constantly cyclic people aren`t we... things going good.. then we start to get busy and disconnected... and they start to get bad - round and round we go.  Glad His grace is consistent! love you.


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