D.I.Y: dress shirt ~ bow tie skirt.

 Hello friends!
Today's do.it.yourself fashion is not 'original' by any stretch... but fun nonetheless.
I thought it would tie in nicely with my lady lumberjack clothing line - a simple no sewing required edition:

Supplies Needed:
one dress shirt from your fella's closet
(now before he has a hissy fit that you're going to cut up one of his shirts again.. rest assured, he can have it right back later!)

 There's the play-by-play shirt wrapping action sequence.
You can roll the waist line (shirt shoulders) to tuck any extra gathered material.
I love making the 'bow tie' at the front with the sleeves from the shirt.
A light. casual. lazy-lady-lumberjack type skirt for kicking it to the beach or campfires with.

Now run, run to that closet and try one on!

Sometimes upcycling doesn't have to be rocket-science, and I'm cool with that.

plaid poser,
Mel ;o)

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