chubby chunkers cereal chomp...

 Back again this week - by popular demand - the hunk of handsome: Hudson!
Sure, all his fan mail is signed "Love, Mama"... but that's beside the point.  Can you believe he's now in his 5th month!?   Oh how fast our little.big.man.baby is growing (I have the broken back to prove it).
This lil' heavyweight was weighing in at over 20lbs at his last checkup. 
More to love, baby.  More to love.

 Five months also means it's time to start up the 'real' grub for this Gerber goober.
We can just barely squeeze those thunder thighs into his blue Bumbo... (or grease him up with a stick o' butter on the tighter days)!
*Side-note: Azriel always says "Hudson's hungry, he needs to sit in his bumbo-bee".

Just in case you still think we're sneaking him steak and potatoes... I'll have you know that we've got him started on a dairy-free baby cereal (due to his intolerance of dairy).

Isn't he the cutest chunk of cereal chomping chubbers:

Phew.  That's enough cuteness (and alliteration) for one post!

Hudson and his mama hope you all have a wonder-full weekend,
we luff you guys.

Mel ;o)


  1.  thanks!  WE think so too. ;o) Have a great weekend mama.

  2. OH MY GOODNESS... he is delicious!!!  All those chubs & rolls... enjoy them because as soon as he starts crawling they will start to vanish.  Sigh... he is just the sweetest fella.

  3.  haha!! Thanks sweet mama... we're savouring them here for sure... just pass the butter! ;o)


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