summer is... (brought to you by the letter "C").


 Children of the Corn...

 Corn Chewing... yuuuuummmm!

Campfire building.
Check it out.. I totally re-dug our fire pit in the yard.  A vast improvement over the toppled wall of bricks I originally had stacked around a pathetic hole!
Now to wait for an ounce of rain this summer so we can enjoy s'mores again... (there's a hefty fire ban on right now).

What's your summer looking like?
"C" y'all later!

Mel ;o)


  1.  Hey leslie!  Thanks... I was totally shocked it turned out so well (in that the top layer actually fit perfectly without any gaps.. or planning ahead!).  Annnnd we finally just got an ounce of rain as I type!
    Hope you're keeping well! ;o)

  2. Oh corn..... it is my fav & your sweet girl has it trying that raw sweetness... yum!

  3.  Yep - its that time of year eh?  Eat CORN every day all day!  Azriel loves it.. she'll eat more than us if we let her... but lordy, the diapers are atrocious!! lol....  and yes, while we were husking the corn we had to keep saying "azi, stop eating it!".  Cutie corn chomper. ;o)


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