Some kind of wonderful...

Photo from the Noisy Plume
If I could only have ONE blog to read... this would have to be it:

::beauty of a soul:: 

I won't call her a blog-crush... it's deeper than that.  She inspires me on so many levels: creatively, poetically, aesthetically, spiritually, and any other "ly" that's good out there! 
Photo from the Noisy Plume
Maybe it's the way she takes the small ordinary things in a day and shows them to us through a lens of wonder and beauty.  Or the way she can weave words into a soul-stirring tapestry that wraps around my heart.  I've already told her that she's my white Maya Angelou... since she writes with a depth - a gravity - that pulls me in.
Photo from the Noisy Plume
Oh, and she also crafts exquisite jewellery (the above beauties are Psalm 23 inspired).... 
her etsy shop is always nearly cleared out!
If I didn't love my firstborn Azriel so much... I'd cash her in to buy one of these incredible pieces.
I kid, but gosh... I'd start buying lottery tickets just to get the 'chance' to afford one of these! 
She's just that talented.

So thank you Jillian - Ms.Plume - for being such a place of beauty and inspiration in this world! 
If you haven't met her before... you should go check her out.
Enjoy, I know I do.

Mel ;o)


  1. I've been following her for about four years now and she touches my heart. I love my Plume earrings.. I wear them with pride <3

  2. You are so kind.  Thanks for being in my world, babe. xx

  3. I have never been to Jillian's blog before. So, I'm checking it out now and it's a lovely place :) Thank you!

  4.  My pleasure... ever since I discovered her last year.. its been a real spot of beauty.inspiration to frequent since!  I'm sure you'd love her too! xo

  5.  Ooooooh thank YOU dear heart!!  I'm honored to have to perch here at this nest too! xo

  6.  Isn't she lovely?!  What earrings are they?  I'm sure I'd know them to see them... I know you've posted her stuff before....  I'd love to someday have something of her beautiful works! xo

  7. Oh my do I ever love Ms. Plume too! She is such an  inspiring, creative, and simply fearless soul.  

  8.  Hi Nicole!  Thanks for sharing... and it's all true of her too... I just had to share her in case ONE person out there hasn't heard of her already. lol  ;o) Take care!


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