summer is...

 ...if you want to see a hissy fit every five minutes, come to our place during the hot.humid.heat of summer and watch this mama meltdown repeatedly!

Meanwhile, this is how our daughter Azriel enjoys the season:
+ Running feral in the back yard.
+ Splashing in the kiddie pool.
+ Chalking graffiti all over the house.
+ Painting in the cool of the day.
+ Strawberry.Rhubarb crisp'ing.
+ 'Pop(sicle) it like it's hot'.
+ Tent 'tea partys' with brother Hudson.
+ Flaking out on the couch to Netflix shows.... while holding brother's hand.
...plus a whole lot more fun!

How are you and your crew beating the heat?

Sweet Sweaty Mama,
Mel ;o)


  1. OH my word those monkeys of yours are cuties!  I am NOT good in the heat, well more the humidity & we are getting hit hard.  Girl you need to come my way to cool off!!!

  2.  Aw thanks lovely!  This is one wicked summer eh?  I don't know why I expect it to be cooler in mid-july... but yah, not a fan of sweating lots.  I'll keep your pool party.hammock haven in mind!! ;o)

  3. So cute Mel! This heat is a killer. At least we know it won't last 365 days of the year! The splash pad has to be one of the greater inventions of recent times...

  4. Its been SUPER hot in the DC area as well. Judah just wants to hang out in the pool or play with the water table in the back. I adore the last picture of the holding hands, seriously melts my heart


  5.  Phew - its true Cristi... thanks for the reminder!!  Eager for Fall that's for sure... enjoy those splash pads.. or come back down to the river with us here. ;o)

  6.  Aw, thanks so much for stopping by the nest here Jessica, lovely to meet you and the cute crew!  It melts my heart too... while the rest of us is melting in the heat! ;o)


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