colour crush ~ turquoise!

Things just got blued up around here!  Remember how earlier this week I was saying that the one colour I adore is any/all shades of turquoise?  Here's some recent paint jobs/d.i.y ideas that prove my obsession:
Hooooo could resist these ombre owls?
I gave them a fresh look from their past life as a pewter salt/pepper duo.
Did you ever have those retro wooden salad/cereal bowls growing up?  We did.
I had recently thrifted these wooden napkin rings (and the bowls previously), but felt they needed a certain colour boost.
I spray primed the bottoms of the bowls and then painted each a lighter shade of teal to pale robin's egg blue... love them!

The napkin rings got a half-dipped look in the same tones and a clear spray varnish after.
(Now to get crafty and make some new napkins...

I love the idea of making a place setting with the nesting bowls under food dishes (no, I don't serve two apples for dinner... but I wasn't about to cook up a fancy 'prop' for this shot!).
Annnnd talk about shopper's euphoria: see those 4 bowl-plates and wee oblong bowl at the left?  
Just scored those for only $2 each at Indigo/Chapters... on clear out!  I've been drooling over their perfect turquoise tone every time we went in there lately, and for that price I couldn't say no! (They're way more lovely in person.. this picture doesn't do them justice).  Now to see how long they last before we chip.ding. or break the wee beauties!

For being such a blue girl, I'm real happy. 
Mel ;o)


  1. Pretty! The ombre owl are delightful!

  2. Those are all SOOOO pretty! :) thats seriously such a gorgeous color! 

  3.  Hey Lauren... thanks!!  I see you too, are a fellow lover of this colour!  Beauties! ;o)

  4.  Fun eh?  Thanks!  Also.. I got your e-mail.. would love to send you that.. after this crazy full weekend I will get it off to you - thanks!! ;o) xo

  5. Love all of it, but I'm definitely going to get some napkin rings and do that! Cute!

  6.  ooooh, and then we can use them all for an uber trendy Thai meal together!  In my dreams....
    thanks!  'Cute' like your face! ;o)

  7. blytheponytailparades15 July 2012 at 12:44

    Turquoise is the best color ever....so naturally I love all of these items ;)

  8.  agreed - best colour ever!  Thanks Violet!!

  9. SUPER CUTE! I love all things turquoise as well, I actually look forward to a crochet job when someone requests that color :-)



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