thrifty & nifty threads: upcycled fashion #6

 Well friends I did it again... this 'lace-crazed' brain took something thrifty and sewed it into something nifty... for only $3.fifty!  Sure it rhymes, but it's also true.

 I recently saw this lace curtain panel while thrifting and thought "time to make another skirt".
I had some wide elastic waist band already... and two large silky tan pillow cases to use for the lining of the skirt.  Good cheap fun at this nest.  

My very own lace maxi skirt! (Who decided these trendy skirts should be called 'maxi'?  All I picture is a giant feminine pad?!)  
Anyways, I'm pretty happy with it - despite the usual sewing blunders along the way (at which point Ben hears me saying "eeeeeeeediot!" at my sewing machine).  Case in point: that gold lace waist was the perfect cover for an atrocious sewing line.
Yes, most of my projects are really the attempt to camouflage the bloopers and highlight the successes!

 Sooo, here's a success: the pretty scalloped edge at the bottom of the skirt thanks to the curtain hem.  Let's just pretend I sewed that part.

Annnnd, because I'm crazy.like...that...^  I also used the leftover lace to make yet another infinity scarf.  Two upcycles for the price of one!

Yes friends, we made a tablecloth into a skirt... and now a curtain. 
You know I did this just so that if I ever get complimented on it I can use Carol Burnett's great line: "I saw it in the window and I just couldn't resist it!".

Hope you're inspired to wear what ever's hanging around the house, 
and if you want to catch up on previous upcycling posts you can go here

Have a great weekend,
long & lacy mama,
Mel ;o)


  1. You are so Darn Clever.
    I have been trying to sew myself a skirt and the elastic ruffle 
    at the top is making my African butt to, you know...
    Well I have to do a take 2 on it and try a band or something.
    Almost at hair pulling level. 

    Yours is so prettiful!

  2. This is amazing...Mel, you've done it again!!
    I wish my sewing machine was working because I've been tryyyyying to make something like this for a few months now (by trying I mean I bought the lacey fabric from Fabricland [expensive] & now I'm just sitting on it because my machine won't work and I don't know why...) maybe I should give up my hopes of a skirt and use the pretty fabric for a scarf like you did...though it's far too hot for that too. Perhaps I'll just wait for the fall...OR i'll commission you to make it for me? Haha.

  3.  thanks Carly!! Sorry to hear your machine is being lame... what's it doing (or not doing) specifically??  I wish I could be more of an expert to assess it for you - but I pretty much only know how to thread the needle and all that basic junk.  Maybe you'll just have to come here for a wee sewing party?! ;o)  That'd be fun fun fun!

  4.  hahaahha!  Ohhhhh, sounds like quite the predicament, and I wish you much sewing success dear one!  Hope you can post some final products if they act more civil for you... good luck! ;o)

  5. Oh man a lace infinity scarf is SUPER cool. 
    Nicely done......again!


  6.  thanks Trish!  I'm a bit of a scarf addict... so any spare long bits of fabric tend to get thrown in that direction (especially since its a dang fast/easy project) lol.  Take care! ;o)

  7.  Oh I'm loving lace right now! Cute skirt and scarf!

  8.  Isn't lace so fun - and so trendy, but who cares... so fun!  Thanks luv! xo


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