...this all adds up to love.

 First there was just me and you.
We merrily said "I do".

 But then with a kiss, oh my what's this?!
Out popped a little gal too.

Now doubles the love.
me + you + she = We.
Could this heart grow to fit even three?

Now I'm no poet.
And I'm just as bad at math.
But when one guy + one gal = four...
...this is the sum I adore.

Can I just take this moment to say how thankful I am for my family?
It's a crazy.love that binds us all together.

Most of all, this mama loves this papa.
And guess what?  We even got a date in last night!
(Well, I got a hot double date with Mr. Hudson in tow).

 We hadn't been out for a dinner date for-like-ever... (we're really sticking to our budget lately!).
It was so lovely to just have time together.
IF you're married with kids, you know how it goes.

Working hard all day.
Husband comes home and you both want to simultaneously say:
"Oh good, you're here, I'm exhausted... you take the kids!"
The daily routines, the diapers, the errands.
You're running parallel... but not intersecting.
You catch each others eye and think:
"I still miss you".

You really have to fight to maintain that intentional time together don't you?
It also makes those times together all the richer.
I savour these moments with my Ben.
Talking over dinner.
Sitting in the sunset.
Laughing under the covers.
Driving through the countryside.
Breakfasts shared.
Movies watched.
Hands held.
Forests walked.
...the list goes on...
The world just glows more brightly,
 when we love, and are loved, tightly.

Now go hug that special person in your life!

Sending all you lovelies a big squeeze,
Mel ;o)


  1. It's a love fest... LOVE it!  Your words are so true... you have to make the time for each other among all the other zillions of things going on or couple time just won't happen... so glad you had a date night!  There is nothing more fun then sneaking in kisses wherever you can!!!  All you need is love, all you need is love, all you need is love love... love is all you need (Beatles).  Happy Friday!

  2.  Love fest smorgasbord buffet for all!  Happy weekend right back at you sweet mama. ;o)

  3. Congratulations on getting out for a date! I know what a feat that is!

  4. This is so sweet Mel! So glad you and Ben could have a bit of time 'off' together. It doesn't happen very often for us either, and we usually end up talking about the kids anyway...but it's still AWESOME! It's great to celebrate Love! 

  5.  Thanks Cristi!  Yes it makes you savour those sweet moments due to their rarity at this stage.  We're lucky to have our parents in the same city, (always eager to see their grandkids)!  Love you guys!

  6. love this:).  you're a poet, girl!!  in so many ways<3

  7.  awww shucks, thanks sweet face! xo


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