happy Hudson

 Psssst!  Now don't tell my Ben... but I have a huge crush on another fella here at the nest.
He babbles sweet nothings into my ear.
Cuddles close to my neck.
Smells like a warm mozzarella ball.
I'm in love.

 Maybe it's the dimple in his chin...
...and cheek...
or how he giggles into his fists all bashful-like.

This almost 5 month old has stolen my heart.  I sometimes feel this sense of 'urgency' in loving him lately.. like I just want.need to savour every moment with him... and maybe it's because he's grown so fast, I felt like I never really had the 'infant-size' stage with him.
This guy never plateaued like I kept expecting him to... so now I figure it just means there's  more to love!
Awww, I heart you too, Hudson.

Can I just say how ridiculously happy and social this boy is now?
Remember those early insane months where I finally thought I had figured out his issues?
A while after that.. he was acting super cranky.constipated.gassy again... (you know as a mother you start to feel guilt for seemingly poisoning them with your milk).
I opted to try going off dairy first... and it's made all the difference... he's now such a happy, cooing, giggling, sleeping through the night chunk of cuteness.

See for yourself:

Who knew "booop" could be so entertaining?

smitten mama,
Mel ;o)


  1. Nicole Veerman5 July 2012 at 16:45

    Let me preface this comment by saying I usually hate when mothers gush about their babies.... But this post was seriously one of the cutest/sweetest things I've read in awhile. I like that you acknowledge the hard times in the beginning and the guilt that you felt. Those two things made an otherwise mushy-gushy lovefest real. I really appreciate that! I also appreciate how cute your little man is. He's just a ball of adorable.

  2.  Hey there Nicole!  Thanks so much for those kind words, we definitely try to keep 'er real around this nest - and to be honest I used to be a much more 'stoic-rock' emotion-heart before I had kids... all this gush'ing is a by-product of becoming a mama who's heart has turned to Jell-O on a hot summer day... mush!! ;o)  Lovely to have you hear at the nest 'gypsy'!

  3. Oh my gooooodness...he is getting sweeter and cuter by the day! I must see him again soon. Anytime you want to drop him and Azi off at my place for some hangouts, please do!! (Seriously...)

  4.  hehe. he is too!! That would be fun... I'll keep you posted! you're sweet. xo

  5. He is such a beautiful baby.  Our babes were also BIG babes (between 9 & 10 pounds at birth) so I understand when you say it is going to fast (especially without the itty bitty infant stage).

  6. Hudson is so handsome! I've been reading your blog for a few months now but have never commented. Your children are beautiful and I am slightly sad that i can't view your video as it says it's private when I click play. Oh well, I can just imagine him giggling!

  7.  Hello Natasha! Thanks so much for taking the time to write - I didn't even realize I had the video locked down... oops!  Hope it works now?  Thanks for the heads up, and kind words.;o)

  8.  Wild whoppers eh?! ;o)  It was too crazy that both our kids came out at 8lbs 11oz!  Both were two weeks overdue too...  ha.  Can't imagine those chunks coming out of your petite self! xo

  9. What a sweet little chubbers! Can't wait to smooch those cheeks again!


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