confessions [of an artist] part. 9.

So, I have had an on-going love affair with colour since I was a child.
Warm colours, cool colours... I just can't get enough of their pretty palettes.
This served me well since I worked in an arts supply store as a teen.
Then painted murals, and faux effects in homes as a twenty-something.
Also worked for Benjamin Moore paint store.
And then ran an art drop-in for youth.
Now, I have my own wee artist in residence! 

They've been in my blood all my life. 

The problem is when it comes down to home decor, graphic design... or even my wardrobe.
 I just can't ever decide what 'mood' I'm most connected to:
I want to re-do our bedroom (though I know the likelihood of that actually happening is close to nil)!  So I've been wrestling afresh with this issue lately.

I love those muted 'seaside' tones: bleached driftwood. sea glass green. pale turquoise. sand.
I love those vibrant 'Moroccan' tones: indigo.burnt oranges.eggplant.chartreuse.
I love earth tones. etc...  and I'm even tempted by the idea of white.washing everything!
What's a girl to do? 

Ok.  I must confess that ever since I was a young (tom.boy) girl... my favourite colour has always been blue though...
Now it's an antique turquoise that I adore.
I am eager to get a can of this colour in spray paint and re-do various items around the house soon!  (You'll be seeing another painting project I did with these tones.  Love it)!

Anyway, that's my colour obsession and if you share it, you may want to go here

What colour do hue love?

Mel ;o)


  1. blytheponytailparades9 July 2012 at 09:52

    I am obsessive and have been since I was a toddler with turquoises and mints and green blues.

  2. i love mute backgrounds and furniture with POP!

  3. I have a hard time making colour decisions. I change my mood all the time! We're going to be moving into a new house very soon and I'm thinking about painting the whole thing white. I never used to think that I liked white (how boring) but I see now that I am always drooling over Scandinavian design and white rooms filled with colourful treasures. Plus I have a hunch that if it's the things in a room are what are bringing the colour, it will be easier for me to change up the room to suit my mood. Our bedroom is mostly beige with pops of red. Our kitchen is made up of mostly yellows, oranges, browns and olive greens and our living room has bright colours in it- greens, purples, yellows. I'm excited to see our stuff in a new space! Oh, and I'm a really big fan of turquoise :)

  4. I hear you.
    Really love the oranges and reds.
    All of a sudden I'm having a love affair with blues and wine bottle green (not sure if that is an actual color).
    I love Amy Robert's idea of having furniture that pops!

  5. lol, you won't like my answer... I am going through a huge WHITE phase (finally finished the last room last week) & it could very well be permanet (at least for wall colours).  Perfect backdrop all the time, full of light... perfect for pictures & shows off all those fun vintage colour thrifted finds so well (also works in every season).  Life & all the stuff that comes with it is my colour.  So.... did you pick your hue for your bedroom yet???  So fun to paint a room... instant change.  Can't wait to see what you come up with.

  6. Oh boy I have been OBSESSING over turquoise and white together.  Uber trendy right now, I know, but I have actually chosen those colors to decorate my engagement party this weekend.  Even my dress is blue and white.  Eeek- may have gone a bit overboard. :) haha!  Anyways.. love to see another color lover!

  7.  Omigosh - I hope you'll post pics - it sounds gorgeous!!  CONGRATS too... weddings rock, and marriage is even better! ;o)  Thanks for stopping in Trish, best of luck with all the prep!

  8.  hahha... I think that's a great answer Danielle... a courageous one in fact, since I FEAR going to white since it would feel like I've only 'primed' the walls and not have painted!  I'm still not sure about our bedroom, it would likely be an unprimed canvas tone if anything... so tired of the dark 'cozy' cave feel right now - especially during the summer!

  9.  wine bottle green sounds good to me... especially the 'red' that goes with it! ;o)  Amy is smart for sure, since 'pops' can be changed quicker than wall colours!
    P.S.... really?  really? NO mail yet???  ahhhhhhhh!

  10.  I knew it, we're twins! haha.  So what's this about the rush move news anyway??!  Wild times.. are you already packing?  Do you have a space picked?  So many questions!  Good luck with the overhaul. xoxo

  11.  good call for sure Amz.. then you can change one's fickle mind so much more easily!! ;o)  So far it seems that I like walls that pop - and furniture! hehe...

  12.  mmmmMMMmmmm right there with you Violet, they are just so calming and beauty-full... so even as a child you were hip with colour! ;o)

  13.  I have started to organize and get rid of stuff- 4 garbage bags full so far! But, I haven't started to pack quite yet. I'm going to look at the place where I think we'll be settling today! Thank you! ♥


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