slide.show.sunday. take 42.

Hellooooo friends! 
Things were quiet around this nest since we had flown the coop for a family vacation!
Apologies for all my pre-arranged posts not being published here last week (Blogger's blunder).  Here's some fun pics from our trip:

We love driving through the Canadian countryside... the wind ripples through long grasses and hay fields like waves of jade and golden waters.  The sun sparkles across the lakes as though God has flung a thousand crystals across the indigo expanse.

 Ben had rented a cottage for us up on Georgian Bay... and when our Azriel saw the (tiny) beach she squealed with delight: "can we stay here forever??!"

 Sun. Water. Rocks. Sand
The ingredients of a great vacation.
(We won't mention the goose poop, seaweed, ear wigs and spiders!)

Day trips to neighbouring country towns also made for fun adventures... seeking to blend in with the yokels locals. ;o)
 Granted, a vacation isn't all R & R when you're kids are with you... its kind of like the chaos of home in a new setting!  For some reason Ben and I brought a stack of books thinking we'd be living it up all leisurely... ha.

 But evenings with this guy makes any holiday wonderful... especially when we're whispering and laughing (because everything's funnier when you have to be quiet) while the kids sleep nearby!

Seriously, he could have rented a soggy cardboard box for all I care... as long as these dear hearts are with me - I'm one happy mama.wife!

Now to enjoy our holiday weekend together... Happy Canada Day fellow neighbours!

P.S.. you may have noticed this weekly series has been missing more lately... and it's intentional. "Slide.show.sunday" photo dumps of our weekend will be retired for now.  Call it a desire to not be the mama.razzi in our home.  ;o) 

Hope you all are doing fabulous, 
see you on the flip side with more posts to come this week.

Mel ;o)



  1. It looks like you had lots of fun! Wonderful!
    I hope you had a fun Canada day too!

  2.  Yes we did!  Thanks... Canada day was another chill time of hanging here as a family.. crafting, cooking, splashing, socializing.. the usual. ;o) xo

  3. Sounds like perfection to me!  Great pics... especially where you are blending in with the localsl...lol.  Those signs are great, especially the IGA one... you know you are up north when you are shopping at the IGG-AHH.

  4.  haha, it's true!  THis was a big antique, gift store crammed full of goodness (at least that's what it looked like from outside).. we didn't dare venture in with the two kids (think: bull in a china shop!). lol

  5. hope you had a grand time!!  I love.love. the heart photo!!  that is awesome! xx

  6.  thanks sweets!  I've been wanting to do that heart shot for a while.. and that beach scene made a perfect spot for it! ;o)  xo


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