D.I.Y: iced mint cafe mocha [french press]

 I got chills.. they're multiplyin'... and I may just be loosing control for this summer treat!
Now I'm no barista, but I know I love this iced coffee... for cheap (*cough* homemade).
Join me in the kitchen and let's make some 'caffeine-creativity':

 French Press style:
Grind up fresh coffee beans of your choosing.

 Pour steaming water over the coffee grounds in your press.
Stir to mix.
Steep until opaque (tall, dark and handsome)...much like my Ben really.

 Sweeten with your ratio of cream/soy/milk... and sugars while hot.
**for a MINT hit... mix in some pure peppermint extract** 

(Allow to cool overnight in fridge).
Shake it like a Polaroid picture the next day (isn't this thermos awesome?!!)

The true measure of a great iced coffee?
Frozen coffee cubes... so that while the 'ice' melts... your flavour doesn't have to!

 Time to get fancy:
+pour chocolate syrup down the insides of glass
+drop in your coffee cubes
+pour iced coffee over the rocks
+dollop on the whip cream
+sprinkle with chocolate shavings
+garnish with mint leaf

nom nom nom... what?

and stay cool friends!

cafe mama,
Mel ;o)


  1. oh, yes please! I will definitely be trying this out ... just need chocolate sauce. hmm. maybe I can make my own chocolate sauce? no, I'd eat it all before it ended up in the coffee drink.
    Definitely need to try the coffee ice cube trick! That's what Silver bean does, isn't it?
    I had to Pin this, btw, 'cause it's that good! xoxox!

  2.  hahah, oh Caren... you and me both in the choco-addict camp!  But you must try this.. even BETTER... put the coffee cubes in a blender and it comes out like and Iced Capp....MmmmmMMmm!!
    Silver Bean is good to do that too.... I hate when you order Iced Coffees somewhere and they just give you a cup full of ice... blech!  PIN away - and thanks!  You can always grab the pin from my account too if you want... either way is cool tho.  Stay cool over there!! xooxo

  3.  enjoy! ;o)

  4.  hehe. yuuuup!  Bet it would hit the spot in Africa too! ;o)

  5. Holey crimeny!  I make a french press every morning and i have never considered making fancy coffee drinks like this!  Tomorrow is a Saturday.  YES!

  6.  HA!  May your Saturday be bursting with cool caffeine creativity.... and chocolate! ;o)

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