...a letter to my 16 yr.old self.

 Recently a couple bloggers have written some intriguing letters to themselves at age 16.  The more I thought about the writing/perspective challenge... the more I wanted to write my own.
Annnnnnnd yes, I'm sharing it with you here:
Hey you, it's me, which is you... in another 16 years (did you need a paper bag to breathe into?).  There's sooooooooooo much I want to say to you, and probably a lot more you want to ask me about, but let's try and keep life surprising for you still!

First of all, I love you - you crazy nut.  I may not tell you that much currently... we both felt pretty much like a dork 96% of the time didn't we?  You blame the acne, and your wardrobe, and your social 'skills'.  I have good news and bad news:
So, the acne is going to get worse before it gets better...  you thought you were shy/introverted (but it's actually because you don't want to draw people's attention to your self - or your face).  Would you believe you are actually a really confident, outgoing person?  What if I told you that you will speak with clarity and conviction in front of large crowds... and not break a sweat?  Crazy, right.  It's already there, I see it in you.  The courage you have to be yourself, and to not get duped by all the high school girls trying to be popular and pretty.  You've always dressed unique, and that's pretty cool in my books.
Speaking of cool... you getting your nose pierced in the bathroom of your high school?! Ha.  We still love it though.  Guess who went and get herself tattooed too?  Shhhhhhhh.

I also love that you think you're a real hippy.  You burn incense in your beaded room with silk scarves hanging all around your bed... you picture the future as a Volkswagen van packed full of canvas and paints, with a trusty dog at your side.  (It would help if you got your driver's license!!).  But travel you will.  You dream of exploring the world (but deep down you doubt it will really ever happen)... be encouraged, it's going to be awesome!

Now, it's funny you imagine your life in the future as being single... because you're about to hit some roller coaster relationships.  Some major laughs.lessons.betrayals.rejection.reality checks are coming around the corner.  Hang tight, there's a gem at the end (keep your eye out for that witty young guy named Ben).

The future is bright, don't worry.  

You have no idea about the wee wonders that will fill your nest and heart.  
The strength that lies in you to birth those beauties in to the world.  
The doubling...tripling in size of your love.capacity.  It's an amazing journey, thank God for it!

If I can leave you with a few pieces of advice... the kind you'll learn later, but wish you knew now:

+  Don't be afraid to speak up. stand out. be unique... it inspires others to do the same.
+  Get your dang driver's license already... !
+  Stop wearing clothes two sizes bigger than you are... it is not scandalous to show that you have a shape.
+  Being perfect is not going to happen, and fear of making mistakes will kill creativity.
+  You never have to be some one you're not with people who truly care for you... forget the rest.
+  Hold on to hope for Mom and Dad... it's not pretty right now, but God is going to restore their relationship with such beauty and love in the future.
+  Go spend more time with your Grandparents.... they are delightful souls, and you're going to ache to be around them just one more day when they're gone.

The rest is up to you, I trust you with our path.  But don't trust your own heart, hold to Jesus and He will lead you beside the still waters and restore your soul.

Love you, me.

So there you have it - the streamlined edition. ;o)
It's quite a unique writing assignment, and I'd recommend it to all.
Wouldn't it be wild to know what our future self would say to us today?

Thanks for hearing my self-rant!

Mel ;o)


  1. As someone having known you when you were 16, that was cool to read.  Humerous, touching, and real.  

  2.  Bill-y!!  Crazy to think how long ago that was now...half a lifetime really... well, currently!  Thanks for stopping in and saying those kind words.  Keepin' it real is what I always aim for.  Take care! :o)

  3. I loved that! Getting that glimpse into your 1/2 life :o). You have been given such wonderful gifts of expression, in both picture and word.
    Love you,

  4. Mel,Mel,Mel...How are you..Great letter my friend..Miss you, Keep up that great talent of yours..Diane Lemon

  5.  wow - talk about 'blast from the past'!  Hi Di!!!!  Thanks for stopping in, big hugs sent your way! xo

  6.  I love that you love that - and 'that' that is ME!  Love your way too birthday lady. ;o)


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