my stripey friend...

 So the cheesy part of me wanted to start this post with some lame joke about "what's black and white and yellow all over?"....

 Meanwhile, the other cheesy side of me is STILL dressing my 'twin' daughter and I up for laughs!  Hardy-har.
 Yes, I sewed our shirts!
This is my most elaborate/successful sewing project to date (as far as sewing clothing goes)... and I'm still in shock.
My second attempt at sewing jersey knit cotton was way better than the first fiasco.
Now I'm hooked.  I jump for jersey.

No pattern (of course), just imagine a long pillowcase from which I:
+ cut out a neck hole and sewed a braided collar on to.
+ cut arm holes and gathered shoulders with a basting stitch.
+ rolled down a waist hem and inserted elastic in to.
+ stitched some stretchy black lace to the bottom edge.
+ and the leftover braid of fabric became an instant headband.

boo yah.

To share this euphoric sense of sewing accomplishment - tomorrow I'll be posting another
super fast. stupid easy sewing project for the fellas in your life.
Wait for it.

Have a great Monday!
Your stripey friend,
Mel ;o)


  1. Cute! I've never sewed with jersey before.  I hope to try it someday... I picked up the Sew U book about sewing with stretchy fabric a while back to get some pointers but I haven't tried any of the patterns yet.

  2. I love it!
    The braided neckline is AWESOME, oh and my favorite material right now in the WIDE WORLD is jersey knit...no need to hem, no need to serge, not that I have anything to show for it like you do.

    It's pretty.

  3.  Thanks sweets!  Isn't it such a GREAT material... so forgiving, so easy - just what I require.  :o) 
    Go sew something fun... and post it already! heheh.

  4.  thanks!  I know, I was always scared to sew with stretchy fabric... turns out its way easier and lovely t work with - and hangs real nice too.  Soft like Butt'ah... forgiving, I highly recommend it... now that I stitched it into submission. ;o)  I meant to tell you that I too, have that One yard wonders book you used for you purse - one of the ONLY books I've ever used for patterns.. love it!
    Happy sewing mama. xo

  5. I did it finally...
    go and take look.


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