D.I.Y: easy necktie baby shirt

 Yes friends, as promised yesterday... this is a ridiculously easy - and cute - way to 'tie one on' to your dapper dudes.
Sure it looks a bit silly, but so does Hudson (what a happy model for his mama)!

 Supplies Needed:
baby shirt (onesie, t-shirt, dress shirt.. whatever you choose)
men's necktie

1. Simply SNIP the thin (back piece) necktie to the length of the shirt with an extra inch above.
2.  FLIP that extra inch over the collar and tuck it down into the shirt.
3. Stitch it in place on your sewing machine.

 Sure skinny ties are all the rage... but if you like the 'chunky' version (much like my guy here) you can use the front of the necktie instead.
Snip. Flip. Stitch

A five minute sewing job to make the other baby's drool over your handsome fella.
(You could adapt this to any age shirt really... just think how glad your boys would be to not have to tie it on).

Tip:  You'll want to attach the tie halfway down the shirt with either a stitched 'clip' line.. or secure a button in place very tightly (no choking option for baby!).  This keeps the tie in place and also prevents your guy from gagging the thing down his throat... not so cute.

Hope that inspires some super.easy.silly.sewing adventures.

I've got to go squeeze this chunk of cuteness now!
Mel ;o)


  1. Oh sweetie little pie. "Hello ladies", hehehe Great one!

  2.  tee hee.. thanks! ;o)


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