sew dressed up:

Shield your eyes friends ~ because this picture may just turn you to mush! 
There was a carnival of cuteness happening at the nest today... I almost thought I should charge admission.
But, since I like you guys, you can get in for free.
So check out these hilariously adorable siblings:

There's my girl Azriel on her very first birthday back in 2010... as some of you may recall, she was dressed up as a Narnian fawn.
(Costume hint: take a baby bonnet and cover with curly wig hair, stuffed felt horns and pipe-cleaner enforced ears).

Today, Hudson got to try out his big sister's outfit...  he makes a pretty happy fawn I'd say.
 Not to be outdone, big sister came barging in on the cuteness and had to try on her costume again...

 ...she also tried on all the other dress-up clothing she could find in the bin.
On the left: her gnome cloak from her 2nd birthday... with the toadstool mushroom skirt (inside-out, yellow here).

Azriel's 3rd birthday is coming up this next weekend...
...any guesses as to what woodland inspired character she'll be this year?
(Thanks to my best'y for crocheting these darlings!)

Oh, and guess what lil' guy gets to be the 'big bad fat wolf'!?

I better get sewing!
Mel ;o)


  1. toooo cute. thanks for the smiles.

  2. Whoa! That is a whole lot of cuteness! Love that Narnia fawn hat! Mister Tumnas! One of my favorite stories ever!
    Did you know that I came up with a theory as to why we may have the same brain? Just in case you didn't have a chance to read it, you can find it in a comment I left for you here: http://teetooblog.blogspot.ca/2012/10/october-at-lake.html

  3. OMgosh, love love love! Thanks for sharing this cuteness.

  4. Laura VanDerHerberg22 October 2012 at 14:10

    Very cute Mel!

  5. well thanks you! They make any project look a gazillion times cuter, I think. ;o)

  6. hehe, my pleasure! Thanks for the tri-lovin' delight! ;o)

  7. hah! Narnia is a fantastic series... so much better than the movies (tho the ol' BBC ones are pretty wild). Glad our heads are often found in the same spaces/places.. cuz I like your face! xx

  8. pleasure, mon' Cheri. ;o)

  9. What great costumes and the cuteness factor is through the roof!!! :):) I need help with making a 'Hans Solo' brown cape with hood--any suggestions? You should know in advance that I have zero ability to sew-lol!

  10. hah, thanks Aura! I would suggest using brown FLEECE.. it's your friend, you can just cut it without worrying about sewing.. it doesn't fray/unravel at the edges. I would just cut out a large half circle (or a full circle for a more gathered/poncho feel).. then cut a small half circle (or full circle) for the neck. I.E: picture a large donut - or cut it in half and drape around kid's shoulders.. tie by weaving either fabric/twine/wool around the collar edge.
    You could get extra fancy and sew a collar flap on top of the collar.. ! Good luck!


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