D.I.Y: tree branch buttons

 Hey there crafty-hearts,
here's a quick post for all you sewing, knitting, crocheting.. craftisan types who use buttons in your work.  This project was one of those 'aha' moments (or in my case, more often a 'ba-DUH'! moment) because really, why didn't I think of this sooner?

Tree branches = wooden buttons.

 I always have loved wooden buttons.. the more natural looking, the better.
So now I can just make them instead of paying money at a store!

It's as simple as slicing up a fallen branch.
I got my man to use the chop-saw on it...(thanks Ben)!
Then I drilled two tiny holes into each slice.
Scuffed them smooth on sandpaper.
Spray varnished them.


Cute as a button... because, it is.

I plan to use these on my current sewing projects (like my wrist-warmers, and some scarf cuffs I'm making).

While I still feel silly for not having thought of this 'free' button solution sooner... I feel really liberated for making them now (which probably sounds even sillier) but yeah: making something from scratch is profound.
Using your own two hands.. and power tools... and elbow grease.
Taking the time... instead of a quick fix of a cheap purchase.
There's something beautiful in that.
I think it's called... handmade.

Stay creative, friends.
Mel ;o)


  1. Mel! These are sooooo awesome! You're totally right, how have we not seen this already???

    I'm definitely going to get myself a branch tomorrow. :)
    Wonderful idea.


  2. Ha! (phew) someone else that shares my brain on this one... was hoping it would be an 'aha' for at least ONE other person out there... glad it was you! ;o) Happy slicing, sanding, sealing Trish!

  3. Beautiful!!
    I made some apple tree branch buttons a while back for an embroidery project that required a lot of buttons! after I sanded them I oiled them (can't remember with what, my dad would know!) I turned a few into earrings as well, but don't have a picture of them. If you want to peek the link is: http://lightningleslie.wordpress.com/2011/08/14/buttons/

  4. Hey there lovely Leslie ~ that sounds beautiful... I bet beeswax would make a great natural sealant too. Thanks for sharing! ;o)

  5. Those are super cute! I've always loved the buttons that Wooly Moss Roots (check out their store on etsy) makes but could never afford the price. Need to make these.

  6. ooooooh thanks for sharing.. "Toggle branch buttons" what an insight too! Next project, thanks! lol I hate to not fund her shop.. but imagine all the money saved making them yourself! ;o)

  7. thanks Laura! ;o)


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