waiting for... g.dot.

 Do you remember those endless minutes spent waiting as a child?
Pressing your face against the window and straining to see the car arrive?
Waiting for... the grandparents to come whisk you away on another adventure?!

 At least - in our daughter's case - this is who she holds vigil for.
Every.single.day she asks: "Can we see Grandma an' Grandpa today?"
To which I usually have to respond, "No, not today, we'll be seeing them in __ number of days."

...(wait five seconds)

"WHEN can I see Grandma an' Grandpa?!"
(repeat x1000).

Then finally ...finally that glorious moment arrives, and her face lights up as she squeals:


the end.
Linking up today with other cuties at Small Style.
Azriel wears:
toque: Billabong
red hoodie: Cherokee
blue jacket: GAP
denim skirt:thrifted
red tights: H&M
white shoes: Cherokee
*All gifted/thrifted/passed down of course!*

the less 'grand' mama, 
Mel ;o)


  1. Oh my gosh, these photos couldn't be any cuter... especially that last one. I have to say, that little girl has STYLE!

  2. Aww... hehe, thanks you! I like to 'project' myself on to her lil' style sometimes.. ;o) while I still have an ounce of 'control/supervision' on that matter! lol

  3. Oh my! I can't help but laugh that Azriel has better style than I do.
    Waiting for Grandma and Grandpa, always fun. Rarely saw mine but was always great when I did.

  4. Love the totally adorabs hat. It's funny, eh? Parenthood kind of gives you a new perspective on your own childhood memories. I remember waiting endlessly for visits from uncles and aunties, for christmas day to come, and now it all goes by in a flash. Weird. I also love revisiting these types of experiences though my kid's eyes.

  5. It's so true.. I've gained a whole new perspective/appreciation for every lil' thing my parents must have faced raising me too.. that's a whole other side to this crazy coin! But yes, I love that 'vicarious' vision of life through their eyes. Holy wholey awesome hat, eh?

  6. LOL! Ooops, I sure don't try to make her 'super cool' or anything.. but that's funny of you to say.
    Yeah, we live in the same city as BOTH sets of Grandparents.. so it's a bit of a love buffet around these parts for her. ;o) (Coincidentally my husband also wants us to move away from this city... sooner than later). We're savouring this sweet time for her/them for now.

  7. Love that little hat!
    Aren't the colors just awesome right now?

  8. love that! Lily always asks "today?", "today?", "today?". she wants everything today. lol

  9. awww.. hehe, sounds familiar ~ it's cute (albeit crazy-brain making) all at once!

  10. Cute, right? YES! Love love love this season.. though it's quickly on it's way out now. boo.

  11. Oh, so sweet! Grandparents are so special and Azriel looks adorable!

  12. Thank you so much Morgan ;o)


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