she loves her lids...

 This is my 'mel-in-hiding' look.
You know, for those bad hair days.. or when I just want to feel tucked away safely like a turtle in it's shell... I reach for one of my hats.

There's plenty of those to choose from.
Ever since I was a kid (a tom-boy to the core) I lived in a ball cap.

One could almost say I collect hats (but rarely wear them - according to my guy Ben).
I guess where many women usually have a weakness for shoes - or purses - I tend to fall for hat/toques...

...oh, and scarves, lots of scarves.

What threads get you weak in the knees?

Mad Hatter Mama,
Mel ;o)


  1. I have a couple of hats, but I also have short hair and a weird shaped head, so hats are usually a no-go for me! Though, I do love me a good toque.

  2. I am down to my core a scarf girl. I have at least 25 of them and that's after paring down. As for hats, I love them and have a few, but I don't wear them TOO often because it's hard to work in one. (I spend a lot of time on the phone interviewing people, so it's a bit of an inconvenience having a hat in the way.)

    I love toques, though. I have at least five and could probably use about 100 more. Or, you know, five more. Whatever works.

    You look cute in your turtle look, by the way. And, I don't know if I've ever told you this before, but I ADORE your style.

  3. 25! Wowza... that is a lot of scarves.. I don't know how many I have (hmm... mentally doing an inventory right now... maybe, 15 - 20!?) I guess I tend to stick with my 'top 5' most of the time.
    Thanks for the sweetness, I happen to think you're quite awesome in your duds too there! ;)

  4. Haha... I've seen you rock some pretty cool fedoras.. that takes real hat-wearing skill! (still hunting for one myself, actually). ;o)

  5. I actually worked for a hat shop for almost 2 years, and have amassed quite the collection... but they don't get worn too much outside of wintertime. Working in an office and answering phones all day doesn't bode well with hat-wearin', unfortunately. But I love them so and I know WAYYYY too much about hats now and can walk down the street, point at someone down the block, and say "That dude's wearing a Kangol Tropic Ventair 504 ivy cap in champagne!"

    That's when my fiance just pats me on the head and says "there, there," because I immediately facepalm and feel like a jerkoff because no one other than me cares (and even then, I'm not sure I care too much myself).

  6. I love coats!

  7. I found this really thick interfacing at the fabric store recently and now I'm thinking it's high time I learned how to make some hats! Do you ever make your own hats? I like hats a lot but don't wear them nearly enough.

  8. annnnnnd you're amazing at making them!

  9. oh cool.. interfacing! I have only ever knit a really lame floppy.. lumpy toque in the past. I would love to sew a real 'cap' sometime tho!


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