colour me: in autumn's treasures...

Every season marks a new collection for our daughter.

...and now...
fallen leaves in all their glowing glory.

Recently I decided to make a little expedition/field trip/nature journal for her.
Grabbing an old "How to draw Trees" book I had, we wandered around our in-law's property looking for different leaves (bonus points if they actually matched the trees sketched in the book already!).

Azriel's delight in collecting leaves is equalled only be her enthusiasm to drench everything in glue... as she was contentedly slopping leaves onto the various pages.

My delight was to sit back, sip coffee.. and watch as the glowing embers of summer nestled down into Autumn's embrace.
And seriously, I don't know where that girl gets all her ridiculous faces from...
She's unbeleafable! 
(Yes, that was lame, but I needed to fill my cheesy humour quota today).
What fall activities do you love doing with your family?
Happy harvesting of fun memories!

Mel ;o)


  1. This could be the start of a wonderful tradition! Each year a new collection. I need to do something like this with my son. Although lately he's been more interested in drawing the weather than directly experiencing it!

  2. What a wonderful thing to do! And she looks like she's having an absolute blast!

  3. Yes ~ she wanted to glue anything around her that wasn't already nailed down, too! Today we had fun lying in big heaping piles of leaves.. what a fun season - is your lil guy dive bombing into piles himself? ;o)

  4. Good idea Lisa! I'm sure you'd have a swanky scrapbook put together in no time... maybe you're guy has the makings of being an artist.. or weatherman? ;o)

  5. Mine hasn't discovered leaves yet. Well he discovered one when we were camping this weekend. We don't have any trees at our tiny townhouse but I'll need to find some leaves for him to discover!


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